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Located in the hotbed of charcoal production in Extremadura,
Oliva de la Frontera has been a hub of this quintessentiallylocal craft for more than forty years now. Charcoal production and forest management since 1970.

From the classic charcoal pit to today’s state-of-the-art kilns, we’ve never stopped evolving to improve the final quality of our products to comply with the UNE-EN 1860-2:2005 standard.

We’re a future-looking company with the highest product standards and a holder of REACH registration number 01-2119933685-29-0000, confirming us as authorised producers to manufacture and sell charcoal and its by-products.

What’s more, we hold FSC and PEFC certification that verifies the source of the raw material used for charcoal production.

We always use wood authorised for trimming and its subsequent sale.

Our new charcoal briquette factory opened in 2016, meaning that we can now exceed 7,000 tons of product each campaign. We export to truly discerning markets such as Germany and the UK.

Quality assurance and commitment to the future; that’s what Carbones y Leña Los Rivera is all about.

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